How to match lighting to design a perfect home

The same house, the same furniture, the same design, I believe that most people would like to live in a brighter and more comfortable home. Because many people’s needs for lighting have far exceeded the basic needs of lighting.

Let me put it this way, with just a ceiling lamp on the head, it must be warm enough, and 100% relaxed in body and mind.

Should the lighting be well designed? Today we are going to talk about how to cleverly use lighting collocation to design a perfect home!

There are three main types of home lighting layouts: basic lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.

basic lighting

The ceiling lamps on the heads of many people’s homes are basic lighting, providing comprehensive and uniform lighting for the room. Commonly used lamps include ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and downlights.

“Ceiling lamps and chandeliers are used as the main lights of the room, and the diameter of the lamps is 1/10~1/8 of the diagonal length of the room.” Many people find it difficult to calculate. In fact, if the living room is not as small as 10 square meters, the diameter of the lamps can start at 80 cm.

It is highly recommended to use a ceiling fan lamp in the living room, a combination of a chandelier and a ceiling fan. Before the summer solstice, it is wasteful to turn on the air conditioner and it is too hot to turn on the air conditioner. The ceiling fan is just right, and the cool wind circulates in the space, which is super nice.

If the embedded downlight is used as the basic lighting, there is no concept of the main light. The light group composed of several downlights illuminates the space, and the position and number of the downlights are set according to the size of the room. Downlights can be embedded in the ceiling or exposed to the outside.

accent lighting

When you read and write, you definitely need a reading light, dedicated reading lighting; when chopping vegetables on the operating table, you need several lights to illuminate the chopping board… Like this, when you are doing some work or lighting the highlighted area , is accent lighting, also called functional lighting. Common lamps include spotlights, downlights, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps.

decorative lighting

The decorative lighting in the lamps enhances the change and layering of the space and creates a certain ambient atmosphere. Similar to the “vase” in the movie, “beauty is justice”. Common lights include light strips, light strings, wall lamps, table lamps, and spotlights.

Today we will focus on several options for the lighting arrangement in the living room.

The living room is a place for the whole family to meet guests, chat, entertain audio-visual, and some people may also arrange workbenches, reading corners, etc. in the living room. These different life scenes can be completed by changing the lighting.

Option 1

If the living room does not have a ceiling, then you can consider the lighting combination of [main lamp (basic lighting) + spotlight/surface mounted downlight (decorative lighting) + table lamp/floor lamp (functional lighting)]. If the sofa background wall is a photo wall or decorative painting, it is especially suitable for spotlights/downlights to highlight the key points. The downlight above the TV is also very important, reducing the brightness difference between the TV screen and the back and relieving visual fatigue.

Option 2

Multi-head chandelier (basic lighting) + surface mounted downlight (decorative lighting) + table lamp/floor lamp (accent lighting). If the brightness of the downlights around the room is strong, you can also choose an atmospheric floor lamp as the main light in the living room, and also play the role of accent lighting.

Option 3

Floor lamps (basic lighting/accent lighting) + recessed downlights/light strips (decorative lighting) are used. Install light strips on the top surface and use reflected light to emit soft light, and no ceiling is required, just use gypsum board to hide the light strips. The strip light can also increase the layering of the space and play a role in visual expansion.

Option 4

Adopt multi-head chandelier (basic lighting) + light strip (decorative lighting) + table lamp (accent lighting). If you do a suspended ceiling, you can consider the lighting combination of [recessed downlight (basic lighting) + light strip (decorative lighting) + table lamp/floor lamp (functional lighting)]. The fresh air system, central air conditioner, and embedded downlights are hidden in the ceiling, which is more neat and orderly.

Option 5

Adopt recessed downlight (basic lighting) + light strip (decorative lighting) + table lamp/floor lamp (accent lighting). Friends who like to read on the sofa, when choosing a floor lamp or a table lamp, it is best to choose the lamp arm and lampshade that can move flexibly, so that whether you are sitting or lying down, you can move the lamp at any time to ensure that the light shines on the book. , to meet different reading needs.

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