Coming! Creative lighting list, which one is your favorite?

TOP1:Beat Light

The musical instrument chandelier sounds very punk. The inspiration source of the Beat series chandeliers is very inspirational: Tom Dixon, a handsome British pot designer, traveled to India and saw that the containers for water in India are also fresh, and the pots for cooking are also interesting. The inspiration broke out and he designed the Beat series chandeliers.

The Beat series chandelier has the temperament of post-modern industrial style. The lampshade is made from thick brass, and the black exterior surface contrasts with the warm golden interior. The restaurant or bar is most suitable for using such eye-catching lamps, linear or circular vertical lighting, whether used alone or combined into a shape, can become a “wow in the heart”!

TOP2: Slope Pendant Light

Italian furniture brand Miniforms and Milanese designer Stefan Krivokapic have collaborated on the Slope series of lamps. The original intention of Stefan’s design is very simple, that is, he wants to wear a “clothing” for the light bulb. So there is the Slope chandelier with a solid wood trunk and a colored metal shade that looks like a girl’s dress.

The most suitable position for the combination of the three Slope chandeliers is above the dining table. The gray, white and yellow colors are not obtrusive, but also bring a lively sense of color to the restaurant.

About purchase: Online shopping can be found by searching for the keyword “Nordic style chandelier”. The official website of miniforms does not have a separate category for lamps. However, Skrivo Design Studio, the studio of Skrivo designers, has it on the official website.

TOP3: Modo Chandelier

This lamp is definitely an Internet celebrity, Modo Chandelier is produced by Roll&Hill. Roll & Hill sells all designer pieces and is custom made on demand. Basically private customization = high price, so this lamp sells for thousands of dollars on the website. Designer Ason Miller grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and has a knack for using cheap and easy-to-obtain materials. He uses cheap materials to create craftsmanship and sells for sky-high prices.

This lamp is very suitable for the living room, with high appearance, sufficient brightness, and great pomp. Nordic style, postmodern, industrial style and no-stylers seem to try it out, classic and versatile. There are also table lamps and wall lamps in this series, and the round spheres are very attractive on the table.

TOP4: Coltrane pendant lamp

The Coltrane chandelier comes from the Portuguese high-end lighting brand DelightFull. This chandelier is their company’s signature. DelightFull may not be familiar to everyone, but friends who have watched “Fifty Shades of Grey”, you have already seen their lights. The glittering light fixtures in the overbearing president’s mansion are Mid-Century Deco-inspired fixtures by Delightfull, including the Coltrane tableside lamp, the Ike standing lamp and the table lamp Turner.

But their best seller is the Coltrane chandelier, with a minimalist and industrial feel, inspired by the Middle Ages. Matte black stainless steel exterior, matte golden paint inside, and a few warm and soft beams of light when the light is turned on easily catches everyone’s attention.


The famous Italian lighting manufacturer Flos and designer Michael Anastassiades have collaborated to launch the IC Lights series of lamps, bringing minimalism to the extreme. The brass-colored bracket is noble and bright, and the milky white blown glass sphere diffuses a warm yellow halo. Putting such a lamp on the bedside or corner is very warm.

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