Are you looking for a creative and unique home?

Many home cases now have similar layouts and similar designs. Especially the new house that is completely handed over to the decoration company, I have not paid anything, everything is brand new, without my own taste, and the warmth of home is not strong.

Only when you work hard and get what you get will be cherished, and you will feel happier when you use it.

From many past cases, I have summarized some unique and interesting, unconventional designs that have been implemented and verified.
If something happens to you, add it to your dream home wishlist. When you have your own house in the future, it will be like that!

1.The sofa is not against the wall

The sofa is not against the wall, which is an American home style. This is enlightened from the famous American TV series “Friends”. I especially like the layout of Monica’s house. The living, dining and kitchen are integrated (LDK). The dining room is behind the sofa. People sitting on the sofa can turn their heads and communicate with people in the dining room or kitchen. Chandler also often jumps over the back of the sofa, which is a wonderful feeling.

If the layout of your home guest restaurant is such a small depth and wide area, then it is appropriate to follow Monica’s home, and the sofa is placed in the center, not against the wall. There is a dining table in the back, how transparent. There is absolutely no obstacle to communication.

If you believe in home feng shui and think that “the back of the sofa is not against the wall, there is no backer”, you can put a long and low cabinet behind the sofa, which is good for storing books and sundries.

However, in many people’s homes, it is difficult to integrate the guest and dining rooms without removing the walls and changing the layout. In order to realize the integration of guest, dining and kitchen, major changes have to be made. For example, the original study and secondary bedroom have become living room and dining room. The kitchen has a window so that people who are busy in the kitchen can communicate with people in the guest dining room; the original living room and master bedroom Turns into a guest bedroom and master bedroom.

If you have the majority of the house type and don’t want to make any changes, this little idea may help: move the sofa forward by 10 cm, and place a long table or storage cabinet behind the sofa, so that flowers can be placed behind the sofa Green plants, decorations or books make the living room more full.

2.Ditch the TV in the living room

New Yorker bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell once said in his Tipping Point:

After throwing away the TV, he has more time for other things.

Some people can’t get out of the TV series when they see it, they don’t wash the dishes, they don’t wipe the floor, and the articles don’t update. Sometimes when the TV is on, even if I watch an advertisement, I have to see what the next advertisement is. After the next advertisement, it is time to play the actual drama. TV is a sticky goblin.

It may also be for this reason, or to prevent children from being obsessed with TV, more and more people choose not to install TV in the living room. In the past, when a TV was installed, the living room layout was centered on the TV; If you like to read, add more rows of bookshelves. If you have more friends, add more seating and place them more casually. If you have children and the children need space, leave a large area blank.

Moreover, the modern Internet has been very developed, and everyone has a mobile phone, and even laptops, ipads, desktop computers, etc., these tools can realize the function of TV. Without the TV set, the living room has more space to play.

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