Are you also looking for ways to make your gut healthier!

If your gut is unhealthy, your skin must not be beautiful. Either it’s dull, it’s sagging, it’s fine lines, or it’s acne-prone. At this time, no matter how fresh the food was bought, how carefully cooked, and how advanced the presentation was. You can’t get enough nutrients for your body.

High incidence of bowel dysfunction

A common disease among white-collar workers is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which is also the most common functional disease in the department of gastroenterology. There are many reasons for its onset.

  1. An unhealthy diet will lead to the deterioration of the intestinal flora ecology.
  2. Excessive mental stress leads to abnormal brain-gut neuroregulation.
  3. Lack of exercise leads to decreased immunity. Often eating out induces intestinal infection, which causes mucosal inflammation.
  4. It may also be that the intestinal function is impaired, and the colon and small intestine do not work in the usual way.

High incidence of stomach problems

Among them, chronic gastritis is the most common, and there are many reasons for it.

  1. Irregular diet, uncontrolled cold drinks and hot meals are mixed and eaten casually, resulting in long-term indigestion.
  2. Unconsciously drink a lot of coffee, strong tea and spirits at work.
  3. Too heavy taste, the condiments play a destructive role.
  4. It may also be that the immune system is weak, and the gastric mucosa is always damaged by taking medicine. Gastrointestinal health may not seem so fatal, but it greatly affects human health and quality of life.

If we can’t protect the barrier function and digestion and absorption function of our digestive system, we will surely usher in internal and external troubles. Damage to the barrier, inflammation caused by bacteria and viruses, poor digestion and absorption lead to inability to keep up with nutrition, metabolic disorders and nutritional deficiencies will cause the body’s immune function to decline.

How can I make my stomach healthier? Eat more expensive health care products? Struggling to watch makeup bloggers’ video learning?


Share a few ways today to make your gut healthier.

What you have to do is these

  • Do your best to adjust your daily routine

If you are too busy with work in the morning, take out late, and eat lunch very late; because it is too late for lunch, when it is time for dinner, you are not hungry yet, so your dinner is also late eat.
“If you want to change, you have to start from the root.”
When you are stressed, you need time management. Forcing yourself to get up early and go to bed early is achievable. An extra half an hour of work a day is left blank, and taking a sigh of relief may be able to reduce half of the anxiety. Try waking up half an hour early to bring a lunch. If you can advance a little, then don’t gobble it, your life is very long, don’t worry about this meal.

  • Eat some vegetables

Vegetables are an important source of dietary fiber, and another important source is whole grains. Dietary fiber cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body, but it is especially important for intestinal health. The short-chain fatty acids produced by the fermentation of dietary fiber by the intestinal flora are beneficial to the ecological health of the intestinal flora. The gut microbiome can have a major impact on metabolism, weight, immune system, appetite and even mood.

In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers looked at the gut microbial makeup of a range of diseases. The discovery of gut microbes is not just for one disease, but for general health conditions.

Habits are really formed. If you can’t eat vegetables at one time, try a few more times, and gradually it may become an indispensable part of life. The addition of vegetables makes the diet more balanced, the total energy more controllable, and the nutrition richer. Why should you reject vegetables if you want to be beautiful? Trust me, fresh vegetables are really delicious.

  • The taste is lighter

From the point of view of the evolution of species, our taste preferences determine our fate. In the process of human evolution, fruits that like sweetness can obtain energy through the sugar in the fruit, and they like the taste of barbecued meat to obtain more high-quality protein from cooked meat. At that time, gene carriers who did not crave sweetness would have their lifespan shortened due to insufficient food, and gradually disappeared on the road of evolution.

In the past, before entering into modern society, the ingredients of a region were basically determined by the local geographical conditions and climate. The long evolutionary cycle has created an addiction-like memory of the taste of food.

But in the modern civilized society, the taste comes not only from natural food, but also from industrialized food. Sugar, salt, and fat are available everywhere and are becoming more and more ubiquitous. If we let ourselves go, the course of life can be altered by taste.

So, don’t numb yourself with irritating tastes, and you can say something more when ordering takeout and dining out: “Less oil and less salt, please!” It’s really useful. The lighter and lighter taste helps you eat as much fresh food as possible, so that the body can slowly store the nutrients it needs, and the damaged stomach can be repaired little by little.

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