6 tricks to teach you to become a heartthrob

Do you feel like you like being alone and feel lonely? Do you also envy those who can chat with strangers? Do you also want to build friendly relationships with others, but are too slow to take the first step?

After reading this article, it may help you take the most crucial first step in building social relationships!

1.Alleviate concerns

First of all, in order to overcome this fear, you also need to break yourself and break through yourself. Some people have too many concerns in their minds when communicating with others. They may first think in their hearts: “If I ask a question, will he answer it?” Or “Will she get bored of me because of what I said?” Because they are afraid that their actions will bring about bad results, it is better to do less than one thing, so they simply do not speak.
The most important way for you to let go of your concerns and communicate with others is yourself. Don’t think about what other people think. On the basis of not hurting others, expressing your thoughts bravely can also make them understand and accept the real you.

2.Break through yourself and interact with different people

My usual mentality is always overwhelmed, and I am not good at integrating into this life circle to a certain extent with some autistic summary methods. At this time, you can try to break through yourself, try to communicate with others, try to make friends with people with different personalities, and be proactive. Think about everything, be optimistic, be open, and be bold to try to let go of excessive psychological burdens. Many patients with social phobia dare not speak or chat with others because they are afraid of others’ disgust. They hope to satisfy everyone, which will easily increase the psychological burden of social interaction.

3.make yourself confident

Believe that you can succeed! You can do anything if you believe in it. As for the eyes of others, it can only improve your shortcomings, but it cannot completely change you.

In the process of communicating with others, listening is the only way to examine oneself and improve oneself. True winners are good listeners, and their humility comes from a high degree of confidence. And those who are pretentious, narrow-minded, and closed-minded, their conceit is actually the cloak of ignorance, and ignorance will be more ignorant because of occlusion.


Make psychological hints in advance, you are your own master, show your personality, and show your shining points in front of everyone. While gaining praise from others, you also gain self-confidence.

5.Store social dry goods

In life, you can accumulate some social skills, some interesting or humorous sentences. If you have nothing to do, take it out and take a look. After reading it a few times, you will remember it. If you suddenly say such a few words in interpersonal communication, your friends will definitely look at you with admiration.

If your friend complains to you that his salary is full and poor, you laugh at her and say that whoever asks you to spend money is always unrestrained and extravagant. Even if you are doing it for her good, the other party can hear it harshly. To put it another way, just tell the facts – I found that you spent thousands of dollars on clothes recently, and the other party will start to reflect on your consumption. If you point out the key, people will not feel criticized, lose face, and friendship will not be broken because of this.

6.Overcome Fear

The most important thing is what I have always believed in:

If you want to not be afraid of something, the best way is to get acquainted with it

Do what you fear, and maybe even spend a little more time studying, keep challenging yourself, and overcome yourself. Constantly learn and feedback, and then constantly adjust and improve yourself. You will find that social fear is actually not as powerful as you think. You are also growing and harvesting through constant self-challenge.

In fact, no one can please everyone, just be yourself, there is no need to pay too much attention to what other people think of you, and remember: not many people will pay attention to you.

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