2022 Most Complete Lighting Matching Guide

Bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, undertake different functions in life, and also have their own priorities when arranging lighting.


The bedroom is a space for rest, soft and comfortable light and humanized switch control are particularly important. If on a cold winter night, you get into the quilt and tuck the quilt, but you forget to turn off the light, the switch is still out of reach, what a painful thing~~~

Option One
Since the bedroom needs soft light, you can even consider lighting without main lights, using [downlights/spotlights/light strips] to provide basic lighting, key areas such as bedside lamps/wall lamps, wardrobes using induction wardrobe lights, and the elderly’s room also The foot lamp can be designed to provide a soft night light for the elderly who wake up at night.

In some high-end hotels, the lighting design is very particular, there are many lights, but not dazzling, but very warm and comfortable (of course, some people are not used to it and feel too dim).

In my own bedroom, I also draw lessons from the hotel’s lighting design, using several lighting sources of different heights to enrich the lighting of the bedroom, which is soft, does not hurt the eyes, and helps sleep. In addition, the ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and light strips of basic lighting should use dual-control switches (one switch at the entrance and one switch at the bedside).

Option 2
Light strip (decorative lighting & basic lighting) + table lamp/floor lamp (accent lighting)

Install the light strip in the middle of the shelf or under the shelf, just like eyeliner on human eyes, enlarge the eyes and increase the beauty. The light strip on the shelf can bring a sense of line and space to the room, and also make the display on the shelf more prominent.

Option 3
Top recessed downlight (basic lighting) + wall recessed downlight (decorative lighting) + table lamp (accent lighting)

Friends who are accustomed to reading before going to bed must pay attention to practicality when choosing table lamps/floor lamps. Personally, I think a three-headed floor lamp is a good choice. One lamp is on the book, and the other two lamps can be selectively illuminated in the overall environment, reducing the light difference between the book and the environment and protecting eyesight.

Option 4
There is also a kind of feel, which is slightly stylish and popular in Europe and the United States: an extra-long chandelier with a long hanging feeling, strong decorativeness, and a beautiful picture together with decorative paintings. During festivals, there are also romantic small strings of lights, which are decorated above the bed or on the bedside table, and the world instantly becomes a beautiful world!

There is another place in the bedroom that has a relatively large demand for lamps, that is, the wardrobe. With the lights, I feel that the clothes are a little more high-end. It is recommended to install LED sensor lights in the wardrobe, which will turn on when you open the door and turn off when you turn off the lights. It doesn’t matter if there are no sockets around the wardrobe. The all-purpose Taobao has plug-in models, charging models, and battery models. There are many choices.


The requirements for restaurant lights are relatively simple, generally chandeliers can be used. The warm yellow light can illuminate the dishes with attractive colors and make them more appetizing. Just three things to note:

  1. The restaurant must install a separate lamp, and it must be a chandelier. The effect of other lights is not as good as that of a chandelier. Sister Gua is a friend. When decorating, she felt that the living room was bright enough, but the dining room did not install any lamps, and now I regret it…
  2. The chandelier should be 65cm-80cm away from the desktop, which can ensure uniform illumination of the desktop, and at the same time have the effect of “gathering”, the whole family can have a happy meal~
  3. The lamp head of the chandelier should be downward, so that the color of the dishes can be attractive; if the lamp head is upward, it can only provide an overall uniform light for the restaurant, and cannot focus on the dining table, rather than functional lighting.


The kitchen lights of many families are LED square lights in the integrated ceiling, which are generally located in the center of the room and can meet the basic lighting of the kitchen. However, we still have functional requirements such as cutting vegetables and washing dishes in the kitchen. People’s backs block the light source, so it is necessary to equip the vegetable preparation operation area and the washing area with independent light sources.

Especially in the vegetable preparation area, cutting vegetables and chopping meat are all tricks, and the light source must be sufficient, so the bottom light of the cabinet is essential. For the demand for lamps at the bottom of the cabinet, before the water and electricity renovation in the early stage, the cabinet designer needs to tell the designer to add lights when the cabinet designer visits the door for the first time. When designing the cabinet and water and electricity, the designer will consider the placement of the lamps. , reserve the light line in advance.

A chandelier or wall lamp can be used above the faucet to increase lighting. It is also necessary to tell the designer to add lights before the hydropower transformation.


The lights in the bathroom are similar to those in the kitchen, with an integrated ceiling light as the mainstay. For boys, lighting is no problem. But for girls who love makeup, it’s far from enough. We want the front of the vanity mirror to be bright, and the headlights of the mirrors must also be requested from the designer before the water and electricity renovation, otherwise we can only remediate it by patting the lights.

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