10 Must-See Egyptian Foods

Egypt is one of the four ancient civilizations with the longest history. It has rich historical relics and colorful food culture. Egypt, which spans Asia and Africa, has historically been influenced by Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Palestine and other Mediterranean countries influence, but do not lose their own characteristics.

Egypt is a typical Arab country and believes in Islam, so it is almost impossible to find pork and related food, and does not eat any animal offal and undercooked food, so there is no market for sashimi and other foods in Egypt. Alcoholics also suffer when they arrive in Egypt, because the local drinks are not alcoholic, and the Egyptians also forbid alcohol.

Although there are many taboos, it does not affect the Egyptians’ love for food in the slightest. The local taste is biased. Chili, curry, pepper, etc. are sure to be used in most dishes, and Egyptians like rich, burnt and soft. food.

Next, let’s take a look at the cuisine of this Islamic country.


Egypt has three treasures: shisha, Kushari and perfume. Kushari is one of the specialties of Egypt and can be seen everywhere in the streets of Egypt. Kusari is made with rice, hollow noodles, onions, chickpeas, and tomato sauce. In some places, half rice and half macaroni are used together. Cook separately first and eat together. According to personal preference, add the right amount of seasoning vinegar, garlic, hot sauce, and some fried shallots and peas.


Chickpeas are a very common legume food in the Middle East. They are an ideal source of nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids and calcium, and are versatile with a variety of foods. Mix the hummus with yogurt, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt, etc., add chopped celery or cilantro, sprinkle with bell pepper, and finish with olive oil and serve.

roast pigeon

Roasted pigeons are a must for the bridegroom when they get married. The Egyptians will stuff rice and broad beans into the stomachs of the pigeons. The roasted pigeons are tender, juicy and fragrant. Another option is to make a stew with pigeon meat, onions, tomatoes and rice in a clay pot.

Egyptian Kebab

Egyptian kebabs are very popular. The best mutton is brushed with seasonings such as salt, pepper, olive oil, etc., and then cut into small pieces and threaded on the iron. The grilled kebabs are golden and shiny, fragrant, tender and juicy, you can also dip it in the local seasoning sauce when you eat it, it has a unique flavor.

Roasted Lamb

The mutton is chopped and seasoned with spices, then skewered with iron brazing, and the roasted meat oil is fragrant. Roasted whole lamb is a major dish in Egypt and Arab countries. It is the most valuable dish for wedding feasts and various festival guests. Coat the whole body of the lamb with spices, dip it in the seasoning, stuff the lamb belly with ingredients such as rice, pine nuts, almonds, etc., and then put it into the large oven to bake for a few hours, the lamb is tender, fragrant and mouthwatering drop.


Melokheya is a green soup made with mallow, a popular vegetable in the Middle East. The mallow leaves are mashed and boiled together with lamb, chicken, or rabbit meat, butter, green onions, etc. The boiled mallow soup is a little sticky, but it is delicious and can be tasted with garlic. It is the most traditional Egyptian food.


This is an Egyptian hamburger, similar to Chinese roujiamo. On the streets of Egypt, you can often see rotating iron pillars. The beef and mutton are surrounded by the pillars, grilled until oily, and the sliced ​​meat is wrapped with long noodles. Pair with tomatoes, green peppers, pickles, onions, cheese, and various sauces.


Kunafa is a must-have food for guests during Ramadan in Arab countries. It is a fried sugar ring made of white flour, cream and water. The prepared kunafa is layered on top of each other, and hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, sugar, etc. are placed in the candy ring, and then cream is placed on top. When eating, add sugar and honey, and sprinkle some rose water. fragrant.

Umm Ali

A very popular dessert in Egypt and the Middle East, slices of bread are soaked in milk, added with raisins, nuts, etc., and baked until golden brown. The bread pudding tastes like a cream cake and melts in your mouth, but on the sweet side.


Katayef is made by rolling the dough into skins and wrapping them into egg-sized dumplings, which are filled with raisins, nuts, etc., and then deep-fried until light yellow. When eating, they are dipped in honey, which is sweet and delicious. Zaina Bai’s finger Zaina Bai is a famous Islamic historical figure, known for his generosity. Shaped like a finger, this snack is made from flour, cream, honey and salt and then deep-fried.

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