Coca-Cola and Milk (strange chemical reaction)

The video is below but one of the GLP users sent us this
“Not really a strange reaction…it’s called curdling. The phosphoric acid in the Coke reacts with the milk proteins (casein), causing them to stick together in large clumps. They are quite dense so they sink to the bottom of the bottle, leaving anything less dense as a distinct layer on top. Some ingredients of the Coke will “stick” to these proteins and sink to the bottom with them, which is why the top layer is no longer brown.

If anyone has ever had an Irish Car Bomb, a drink where a shot consisting of Irish whiskey (Jameson) and Irish cream (sweet, creamy Baileys) is dropped into a glass of stout beer (usually Guinness), bartenders usually tell the drinker to drink it fast or it will curdle. The same principle applies; the acidic beer and whiskey will curdle the milk proteins in the Irish cream, causing them to clump up and curdle out of solution.”