E-I Dimension R-F Dimension A-U Dimension


There are three prime dimensions used in Monarch Programming and they are the E-1 dimension, the R-F Dimension and the A-U Dimension. Before going into them let us first understand the roots of their origin.

When the Illuminati were looking for men skilled in personality assessment to help in the Monarch Programming John W Gittinger was one man they chose. He was not only an experienced researcher but he was also their first choice when it came to child programming. From the end of the Second World War till the time he started working with the CIA in 1950 he was studying how to assess the human personality. At the Oklahoma State Hospital he was studying on many adults. After he started doing personality assessment for the CIA most of his work became popular and classified. It was in 1974 on 18 July that an article in the Rolling Stone wanted to find out why years of personality assessment work has been kept secret. The work was so secret that Gittinger was not allowed to talk to journalists despite the fact that the public was aware that Gittinger did work on personality assessment. The reason this work was a hard core secret for many years plays a very important role in the popularity of the Monarch Programming. John Gittinger created and designed the PAS or the Personality Assessment System that is a amazing tool to judge human behavior and predict their behavior in the future. Most of the PAS information is top secret and it is based on the sole ability of how to distinguish people from one another.

As mentioned above, there are three dimensions used in Monarch Programming and they are the E-1 dimension, the R-F Dimension and the A-U Dimension. Individuals are born with their original placement in these three dimensions. In brief there are three exes that can be graphed for describing the personality of a baby. The baby can be graphed as I (the Internalizer) F (Flexible) and A (Role Adaptive. If the baby is graphed in IFA than the programmers will automatically know that the child will become a religious or a social reformer. The personality of the child will find a suitable occupation like a consumer advocate, am environmental activist etc. The brain control or the programming for the child will follow a six month goal program that would develop the child into a brain controlled slave ideal for that occupation. The “I’ personality baby was a very good baby and the “E” type baby is a too curious baby who will make demands. The “I” will be pressurized to be more social and outgoing and the E babies had to be more self sufficient. They had to progress from crawling to walking. The pure intenalizers would be more withdrawn after taking some drinks and the “E” category drinkers would become more garrulous and drunk. This is the E-I dimension.

There is a sub test to decide on whether a person is a R ( regulated ) or F ( flexible) one.  This is called the R-F dimension. The R person does not have trouble learning however he does not understand what he has learnt as it is mostly by rote. The F person needs to understand everything learnt. The R child can play the piano well but the masters were always the F children. The third and last dimension is the Role Adaptive (A) or the Role Uniform ( U) person. The A person is often a charismatic person while most people ignore the U person. Currently the CIA has around 40 patterns that the skilled observer needs to watch out from and they are all related to the PAS and Wechsler sub tests.

Monarch Programming

Monarch Programming