Adam Weishaupt Was He A Front Man Or Illusion For Peace Or Destruction


Adam Weishaupt is considered to be the Founder Of The Order Of the Illuminati of Bavaria. He had embraced the characteristic of the Order Name of The Spartacus. He was born in 1748 on 6 February in Ingolstadt. After the death of his father George Weishaupt he was raised by the Jesuits after his godfather Baron Ickstatt turned him in to them. His Godfather was the curator of the University of The Ingolstadt in Bavaria. Adam converted to Protestism while he was a law student at Ingolstadt. He was also studied classic and theology as well as the mysteries of Eleusian and Mithrian with the works of Pythagoras.  There is little source about his early years and childhood.  Adam was the first man on earth, “Weis” means to know, and “haupt” means leader. This means that Adam Weishaupt’s name means that he is “the first man to lead those who know.”He had graduated in 1768 from the University of Ingolstadt and became a tutor and catechist. He was made a professor in 1772.

In 1774 he was inducted as a Freemason in either Munich or Hanover however there was no one in his order understood the significance of the occult practices that were used in the ceremonies. This is when he decided to establish his own Order and he did so on the 1st of May 1776. This Organization came to be known as the “Order of the Perfectibilists “and later became known as the “Ordo Illuminati Bavarensis” or in short “The Illuminati”.

There are just five people that were present in the first Order of the Order and it grew rapidly in just a few years. Later there were chapterhouses that came up in France, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. Weishaupt and his fellow conspirators later went on to create a network of agents in Europe that had infiltrated in the courts and the other points of power. He was well known to his co-conspirators The Baron Knigge and another lawyer called Zwack.

Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt

His projects of illumination had the sole mission of spreading illumination with the sun of reason that had the power to do away with the darkness of superstition and prejudice. This was a kind of unwelcome reform in the society. Later with the passage of time he had developed some agnostic theories of his own. He has the mission of making perfect human nation via reeducation. This was solely done to get a communal state with nature. He also aimed for a free government and a better form of organized religion.  He had the sole motto of working towards the implementation with a system of illuminisn with Freemason.

However he did not succeed with his radical rationalism and vocabulary. They were not to succeed and the writings that were intercepted in 1784 were considered to be seditious.  The Society was later banned by the Government of Karl Theodar who was the Elector of Bavaria. Weishaupt later went on to lose his position at the University Of Ingolstadt and fled Bavaria. The Baron Von Knigge was a man who knew Adam Weishauft the most. He was a profound thinker and an intelligent genius. He had his Catholic education and he nurtured his mind with meditation. He also read good books. He was often misunderstood by the Masonic writers and slaughtered by Masons that did not believe in his writings. There were also many follies and faults of his disciples that led to his failure in some ways.  However, he was a very brave man who followed the dictates of his heart through his life.

Adam Weishaupt

Adam Weishaupt