Leaked Vitali Klitschko Mails


These are LEAKED Screen shots. We are waiting on validation as NONE OF THESE have been confirmed YET! Scroll down to review all 4 images. POSSIBLE connection to the February 11th compromise by Hacker Freedom Group Anonymous. As the Ukraine has been under their watchful eye for some time.  UPDATE ON BOTTOM MORE AS STORY COMES IN

As of right now this is unverified and newly released. More information on it’s way. Sourced from CREDIT



UPDATE: Rough translation from GERMAN SITE: SOURCE


The Klitschko emails

show how Klitschko betrayed his country for money to NATO

For money and unpleasant words
While out kept the Russians out of the internal affairs of Ukraine, and in the “opposition” pumped U.S. cash that NATO propagandists were behind the Kiev Maidan stage for months in line to talk to the cannon fodder on the court drunk: such lights as the tie lollipops Saakashvili, the leftover Kaczinski-twin, or the terrorist-sponsored McCain , half the EU Parliament, including the Bertelsmann lobbyist Elmar Brok, the EU Parliament President Buzek, Jacek Wolski, Vice President of the EPP; José Salafranca, all EPP (something like the EU CDU). Within the ranks of Alice Schwarzer doubles allowed next to Ashton and Nuland, as always, if NATO loyal cheerleader needs a Green ministering not missing, Rebecca Harms. And then there was someone there. On 26 11 , 2013. Ever heard of Loreta Graužinienė? The plebs not on the Maidan. The miracle of tongues is in fact the President of the Parliament of Lithuania. This explains not what the wanted there ? Well, we only remember us, “Lithuania” and briefly change the subject.
Klitschko on the line
Anonymous Ukraine has hacked the e-mails the Lithuanian Presidential Adviser Laurynas Jonavicius. And that came to the fore.
27 November 2013
The day after the appearance Loreta Graužinienės Klitschko wrote to the Lithuanian President’s agent:

“Dear Mr. Jonavicius, I am writing to thank you for your support. Meet with Mrs. The Graužinienė was very productive. We exchanged views on the current events and discussed our plans for the future. Mrs. Graužinienė made ​​some interesting suggestions about my future. I must also still thinking, but basically I’m willing to accept your conditions. Special thanks to the Lithuanian friends for financial support. Today, my assistant has visited their message and hit the legal advisor. they discussed financial issues and plans for the future cooperation. Valentina My assistant got my account information in Germany. I look forward to a successful cooperation in the future. ”  

7 December 2013

An irony: Klitschko strolls on 5 12 with Westerwelle about the place , which in the German media sold as a support was. Westerwelle was, however, not because of Klitschko or the Maidan there, but because of an OSCE meeting. On stage the flawless democrat and a freedom fighter, he does not speak. Therefore, Klitschko complained on 7 12 with the Lithuanians.

“Following our telephone conversation, I think it would be useful to plan a visit to some of the EU high-ranking officials. The Maidan needs constant moral support. It would be appropriate to invite someone from Berlin. I have some senior friends there, but hesitate for some reason the . Our American friends have promised to pay a visit in the coming days, we will be comfortable and look even Nuland someone by Congress. Another problem is that I want to address that Yanukovych holding back. He looks suspicious. What’s he up to? We would appreciate some more information on this matter very much “
Note: Klitschko also complains that Yanukovych holding back.
14 December 2014
“I am the President and all Lithuanian friends very grateful for this strong support. I’m all I can do for it to meet the expectations of my European partners., Your colleague has arrived and started to work with my team. He’s a real professional and I think his services are required to be just when the country is destabilized. I have also taken your people by the Embassy., the information passed on Yanukovich’s plans are very important for our generic insame thing. Would this type of information have like permanent. “
9 January 2014
“I think we have paved the way for a more radical escalation of the situation. Is it not time for more decisive actions? I also want to ask you to think about the possibility of increased funding to pay our supporters for their services.”
Not just the e-mails from Klitschko have made ​​it to the public. There are countless proofs of the Strippenzieherei and bribery by NATO (at Yatsenyuk were $ 16.7 million seized in Dec.) or eg for the cooperation of the rebels with the Crimean Tatars . Because of its close ties to Germany, we have decided to publish the Klitschko papers.

We recommend that data down load. Services and media together try to hush the scandal and to suppress the information in the network. There is not even the usual denials to bring any further attention.

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“We are Anonymous Ukraine
We have the e-mail account Laurynas Jonavicius – chopped the Advisor to the President of Lithuania. We have all received emails and discovered letter of Vitali Klitschko.
The contents of these letters shows how Western countries Klitschko finance and control through intermediaries such as the Lithuanian government.
You can download these letters. They speak for themselves
http://www.filefactory.com/file/5znjeiuu980f/klitschko% 20letters.7z
Here you can also download the other correspondence of the consultant the President of Lithuania.
http://www.filefactory.com/file/4qtgyx6zg2yv/laurynas% 20jonavicius% 20all% 20mails.7z
Ukraine must be united and remain independent!
# OpIndependence goes on … Calculated with us.
We are Anonymous Ukraine.
We are patriots of our country.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.

Calculated with us. ”


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