Texas Town Pays Ted Nugent $16K to Stay Away From 4th of July Concert

The town of Longview, Texas has reportedly paid conservative rocker Ted Nugent $16,000 to make sure he does not play at their annual 4th of July concert this summer. That figure represents half of the amount Nugent would have been guaranteed if the performance happened as scheduled.
“We decided that that wasn’t the direction we wanted to go for the
festival,” Longview’s public information officer Shawn Hara said of the
decision, which happened in mid-February. That was after Nugent came
under fire for calling President Barack Obama a “sub-human mongrel.”
Those comments did not cause Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott to stop campaigning with Nugent, but it evidently did make Longview decide he wasn’t the best 4th of July headliner. “I’m sad the City of Longview has done this. I think it was done by a great deal of political correctness, political pressure,” Gregg County Republican
Party Chair Keith Rothra told KLTV. “We have various performers who have made all kinds of statements that rattled people’s conscience and yet they are still slated as performers.” Hara said the money paid to
Nugent will not impact the town’s ability to hire a replacement
headliner for this summer’s concert. Meanwhile, Ted Nugent just made
$16,000 for doing absolutely nothing.